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1984: la prima Hackers Conference di Marin County, California

1984: la prima Hackers Conference in California.
Ecco un video da un passato remoto.
Personaggi noti e meno noti che cercano di digitalizzare un’immagine – proveniente da una telecamera VHS – su un Mac 128K (1 bit per pixel…) e stamparla su una Apple a matrice di punti.

The first Hackers Conference was organized in 1984 in Marin County, California, by Stewart Brand and his associates at Whole Earth and The Point Foundation, it was conceived in response to Steven Levy's book, Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, which inspired Brand to arrange a meeting between the individuals, or "hackers", the book named.
The first conference's roughly 150 attendees included Steve Wozniak, Ted Nelson, Richard Stallman, John Draper, Richard Greenblatt, Robert Woodhead, and Bob Wallace; the gathering has been identified as instrumental in establishing the libertarian ethos attributed to cyberculture, and was the subject of a PBS documentary, produced by KQED: Hackers - Wizards of the Electronic Age.